summer screenings+ upcoming stuff

Hey folks, hope everyone is having a great summer. I’ve been busy hosting my film music show at CFMU ,and catching a few interesting films when I can. Things should be getting a bit busy sooner screening wise,as I’m going back to the Fantasia Film Festival again this year for 2 weeks , to see some of their cool flicks. I’m also heading down to Motown in a few days to check a live show from John Carpenter, and  a short trip in the other direction is Toronto where the annual TIFF fest will be taking place in September. As well I’ve been busy with jury work for the 11th annual HFF taking place in November here in Hamilton. And an added addition is I hope a curated programme of cool new foreign features as part of a new programme at HFF curated by yours truly.

Nosferatu– I attended a screening hosted by the Toronto Outdoor Picture Show recently on beautiful summer evening under a full moon. appropriately enough it was a showing on F.W Murnaus Classic 1922 vampire flick: Nosferatu. Guelph based indie band Del Bel provided the live original music they had scored to the film…and they even had some very cool t-shirts for sale! Great night out:)


Green Room-caught this at the Westdale Theatre recently-Anton Yelchin (RIP)+punks vs skinheads and Patrick Stewart-wow! Highly recommended:)

Follow The Money-CBC is streaming this now-it’s a new Danish TV production from DR-well done Nordic Noir series starring Nikolaj Lie Kaas-from the Carl Mork films-these are the same folks who brought us The Killing…

Neon Demon-this new film from Nicholas Winding Refn is an exercise in style and a commentary on the horrors of the fashion industry-beautiful and repulsive-and hypocritical from a director that earns $ from the same said industry-don’t you think? Great score by Cliff Martinez:)) Has to be seen…

John Carpenter-the horror maestro has returned to the limelight in the last year with 2 LP’s and a couple EP’s of new tracks,and some old film score favourites re-mixed. And as an added bonus he has gone on tour with his band in Europe and the USA. I’m lucky enough to have tix to see him in Detroit July 15 , so I’ll have more on that on next weeks blog. Here’s a little taste of what he’s been up to:

Besides a review of JC’s show in Motown on next weeks CineRadioWaves, I’ll also touch on:

-a cool crowdfunding effort to record a live CD of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s upcoming concert this October in Ghent.

-Maurizio Guarini and Mark Korven at Rue Morgues Dark Carnival

-oh and a preview of Fantasia 2016-which I am going to be attending July 20-Aug 3 in Montreal,QC!

till next time here’s the new FFF 2016 poster graphic-enjoy!




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