The Demolisher-Gabriel Carrer-Fantasia Film Festival 2015


I’ve been in Montreal for a few days, attending the Fantasia International Film Festival. The organizers here are amazing,as are the films. It’s my first time here, and I hope to come back again next year:)

One of the highlights so far,has been my press room viewing of : The Demolisher. It’s a new feature film from Guelph based filmmaker:Gabriel Carrer. It has it’s big premiere Monday July 27 here is Montreal and I am looking forward to seeing it again on the big screen.

It’s an intense, yet dreamlike and metaphorical tale of a one man vigilante,whose quest for vengeance puts  his moral(and mortal) existence in question. From the first shot,to the final frame,it’s a brilliantly conceived piece of independent cinema not to be missed.

The performances from Ry Barrett(Bruce), Tianna Nori(Samantha),and Jessica Vano(Marie) are top notch. The final shot of Ry Barrett leaves you wanting for more, a Demolisher 2 perhaps?

A wonderful retro styled synth score by composer Glen R Nichols adds to the hypnotic power of the film, yet never overwhelms it. The Cinematography of Martin Buzora and work of Production Designer Vincent Moskowec are also of note.

I was lucky to catch up with Writer/Director Gabriel Carrer and he spent some time filling me in on this gem of a film.Take a listen:

Director Gabriel Career talks about his new feature film: The Demolisher from the Fantasia Film Festival 2015 in Montreal,QC


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